Wednesday, 11 March 2009

International Women’s Day 2009 Declaration

Feminists might make you think that men are the root of all problems and that they should be emancipated.

But take a look at the reality! Are not there only women who sell their labor? Are not there only women who got fired? Are not there only men who are the employers? Are not there only men who have seats in the parliament?

No there are not! The proletariat include men and other sexes, while the oppressors, also, and are composed of women, men and other sexes. Therefore, the problem is not about sex but rather classes because the capitalists, in spite of what sex, nationality or religion they are, will exploit the proletariat in spite of what sex, nationality or religion they are

Now, in the midst of the capitalism crisis, which has grown up from fleecing the proletariat like us, the living of us, which are made up the majority in the society, has, however, become more difficult. The capitalists, who own the productive factors, have taken advantage to reduce the welfare or fire us from the factory we have built with our own hands. Or they even change the recruiting system by using sub-contract system, which exploits us even more than the old system just only for the sake of making profit no matter how the economic situation is like.

Meanwhile, every cabinet, who seeks legitimacy through claiming to represent the people’s voice or the high virtue, always enact policies in favor of the rich and the capitalists. They look to stimulate the economy instead of stabilizing it for the sake of the majority of the people. They see our unstable life as a mere bad luck, so, for their mercy, they split a tiny of the meat in their mouth to us so we could survive day by day. Our life without security net is, actually, the result of their systematic exploitation. Thus, the government is definitely not our representative but the capitalism all along. This present capitalist crisis is good evidence that it has failed to satisfy people’s needs.

Hence, for us to have stability in life, economic and society, to experience justice and equality, to build the genuine popular democracy, to take back what we have been exploited and to regain our dignity as a human being, we will use this auspicious occasion on the international women’s day the day of equality to declare that we have ‘enough’

1. As a principle, we will encourage the welfare state that will give full-circled insurance. It is the system that has fully developed from capitalism. There is no discrimination against the poor such as free education, accommodation, social jobs or appropriate income for living equally in the society. State has to stabilize the economics and the society.

2. The budget for the welfare state should be collected from the property tax, inheritance tax and income tax in the progressive rate. Who has more, pay more and who has little, pay nothing.

3. Welfare state will bring about a democratic society because it really gives power to the people not just written in the constitution.

4. The unions for the labors like the Trade Union are crucial for building the welfare state but they are not enough. It requires a political party of the labors to have voice in the parliament against the capitalists to determine the direction of the policy. Therefore, it is very important that we build our own party. One way to assert our interests in the policy-making process and another to educate people.

The new society with equality, we, the majority, are the one who determine, not beg anymore

Get united – stop capitalism – build a welfare state!

Labour Organizations for solving Labour Crisis

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YeKyawAungMDY said...

I do like your article how the capitalists are exploiting us. But, there is also needing some factors of good and bad situations in the capitalism how to make the check and balance within the society by itself to make better society. By the way, I am living and studying in Bangkok, and I am from Burma. I don't like our military government also, and we Burmese people want to change from dictatorship to Democracy. I Do Admire Aung San Suu Kyi!!!